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Poinsettia School Rules

Poinsettia School Rules

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct from the CUSD Student Handbook, Poinsettia has implemented the following rules to promote safety and fairness (BP 5144: Each school shall develop disciplinary rules to meet the school's individual needs):

  1. Students will walk quietly on all concrete areas (this helps minimize disruptions to other classes in session). Students may not run on the concrete (especially take note to not run to line up after recess or to the cafeteria at snack and lunchtime).

  2. Only students in 2nd through 5th grade may use the elevated horizontal bars, elevated frames, and horizontal ladders on the playground (also known as the monkey bars).  Students in 1st grade may use these play structures after the first semester.

  3. Students may not chew gum on campus except in classrooms with teacher permission.

  4. Students may not use cell phones on campus during school hours except when required for medical reasons (teachers may give permission to use cell phones for special activities).

  5. Students who have not completed required work or face disciplinary action for inappropriate behaviors may be assigned recess detention.  This includes parent signatures on a student’s planner. Detention may be served at designated areas including along the exterior Kids Care wall, snack tables, the front office, or a classroom.

  6. Students may not play with electronic devices except with prior staff permission.

  7. Students may not climb or hang from trees.

  8. Students are required to sit for the first 15 minutes of lunch at an assigned table.  Students are required to wait to be dismissed.

  9. Students who are not picked up approximately 12 minutes after school will wait in the office.  A parent must sign out the student.

  10. Students must enter through the office after school has started (do not enter a gate when someone is exiting the campus).

  11. Students may not ride bikes, scooters, skates, or skateboards on campus without prior permission from the principal.

  12. Students may only play tag on the apparatus when safe to do so (they can check with a staff person if it is too busy to play).

  13. At recess, students may only shoot baskets within the basketball court (no long shots outside the boundary or longer than half court).

  14. Students in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade may play football games (one-handed touch, fumbles are a dead ball).  Students in 1st and 2nd grade may only play catch with a football.

  15. Pets are not allowed on campus (including the parking lot sidewalks next to the building) except by permission.  Service animals are permitted by law.